We're hiring!

01We're hiring!

We are looking for maintenance officer!

Function: Maintenance manager in a company that has more than 300 vehicles and equipment spread across 28 airports in 5 countries. Control the correct operation and / or repair of the entire fleet, update documentation, manage maintenance, handle all documentation with the airports and their inspections, negotiate contracts to purchase new equipment.

Requirements: – Engineering Training – Know English / Spanish (fluent). – Mechanical knowledge (advanced level). – Knowledge of legal maintenance requirements. – Knowledge and ability to develop and comply with a maintenance plan. – Ability to keep records within validity.

Profile: – Willingness to work / solve problems after hours, weekends and holidays. – Good negotiating skills with suppliers. – Good ability to solve problems in difficult situations. – Do not give in to stress and pressure. – Critical sense.

Full-time contract, immediate entry, maturity according to experience.

Workplace: Benfica (Lisbon)

If you are interested, send your CV to portugal@groundlink.pt, with Ref. ASS.MT.2019 ”