Manwinwin and Groundlink in a partnership with intervention at 25 airports

Portuguese multinational company Groundlink has elected ManWinWin maintenance management software to efficiently and safely manage operations and equipment. The software will be used at 25 national and international airports, spanning 4 European countries, where Groundlink provides its services.

The Lisbon-based company has over 10 years of experience in providing services in the aeronautical sector, including passenger assistance services including check-in, boarding and luggage handling as well as cleaning services for aircraft.

They also offer aviation recruitment opportunities, especially cabin crew positions, as well as courses in airport security, operational safety and aviation English, focusing on training Groundlinkers and their clients. Using ManWinWin software, Groundlink will optimize the efficiency of its services, giving you greater control over your maintenance activities to regulate and evaluate costs, and perform maintenance requests in minutes, among other features. Groundlink has joined thousands of users who have chosen to use CMMS ManWinWin to manage their maintenance activities.